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No stopping or congregating on the skating floor, do not sit on the skating floor, use exits only and do not climb over walls at any time Speed skating, aggressive skating, fast, rough or reckless skating, weaving or careless skating is not permitted. Backward skating is allowed only during specified times and is otherwise not permitted.

  • Always skate with the flow of traffic, never against the flow of traffic
  • Games of tag or horseplay are not permitted
  • Because of the normal risk of maintaining balance while skating,
    accidents can and do happen. You must voluntarily assume the risk
    of injury when you choose to skate
  • Do not carry children, ipods, cell phones, food or drinks on the skating floor
  • Cut out shirts displaying bare mid-section or back are not permitted
  • Jeans must be cut to appropriate length and not be excessively short
  • Hats, beanies, du-rags, or skull caps are not permitted
  • Baggy pants, shorts or clothing exposing underwear is not permitted
  • Clothing with suggestive images or wording is not permitted
  • Jeans or shorts may not be ripped, shredded, torn or tattered
  • Tank tops, ‘bro tanks’, basketball jerseys, shirts with cutoff sleeves orsleeveless undershirts are not permitted for boys.
  • Tank tops for girls must be accompanied by sports bra or undergarments.

Q: Do I have to have advance reservations in order to bring in a cake or cupcakes?

A: Yes, you do have to have a reservation for a party in order to bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes.

Q: What type of dress code do you have?

A: No hats, bandannas, or du-rags are permitted. No baggy jeans, bare mid-sections or low-cut tops are permitted.

Q: Can kids wear Heelys on the skating floor? Can parents wear shoes on the floor?

A: Kids cannot wear Heely’s on the skating floor, both parents and children must be wearing skates on the skating floor at all times.

Q: I am having a private birthday party, can I bring in outside food or drinks?

A: Yes, you are able to bring in outside food or drinks on private birthday parties. No alcohol or glass containers are permitted.

Q: I am bringing my child to a party, do I have to pay to come inside?

A: No, only those who are skating have to pay. There is no charge for parents who are spectators, the cost is $7.00 if they do choose to skate.

Q: I have booked a public session party, what all do I need to bring for the party?

A: You need to bring the birthday cake or cupcakes that you’d like to serve for your party and all of the paper goods for your party.

Q: How much is the deposit for a party? Is it refundable?

A: The party deposits are $25.00 for public parties, and $50.00 for private parties. It’s a non-refundable deposit but can be transferred to a different date.

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